Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nerd? Dork? Geek? YES!

I'm a geek.  I admit it.  I'm also a nerd and a dork.  Yes, those are three separate and distinct qualities, and I am proud to embody each one of them.  Today, though, I am definitely in all my geek glory.

Let's start with the definitions, as I see them:

NERD - this is a combination of intelligence, organization (almost to the point of OCD), and meticulous attention to detail.  To that end, I've been a nerd pretty much all my life.  I started reading when I was 2, and entertained my grandparents' friends by reading the New York Times when I was 3.  In kindergarten when we had story time, I sat on my teacher's lap and read to the rest of the class.  I was in advanced classes, won math contests, skipped a grade (after starting school younger than everyone else already), and was in college before I was old enough to get a driver's license.  I actually enjoy school, and would be an eternal student if it weren't for those pesky bills that have to get paid.  Ironically, though, I'm the only person I know who was called both a nerd and a bimbo at the same time ... and by the same people.  Add the details above to an ultra-perky teenage girl with blonde curly hair and an annoyingly high-pitched voice, and you get ... well ... confused, apparently!  My 'meticulous attention to detail' meant that in high school, even my pens had to match my outfits (my mother has described a higher level of color coordination as "not just matching; Kerry-matching").  One friend actually wrote in my yearbook:
"Seriously, though, you are not a bimbo.  Bimbos are stupid.  
You have a lot of intelligence, you just hide it well."
I still believe that in his twisted way, he actually meant that as a compliment.

DORK - this to me is more about being corny, mushy & cheesy (wow, that sounds delicious ... oh wait ... I wasn't talking about food ... sorry, I get distracted easily).  Dorkiness includes the really lame puns that you just can't help saying (and laughing at no matter how many times you say/hear them).  When my husband and I renewed our vows in Hawaii, for instance, we got ... are you ready for this one? ... re-Maui'ed!!  It's also an appreciation for wholesome shows like 7th Heaven (as my husband and I used to say, that show was "cheese - in all of its goodness").  It's the extra details you incorporate to add a mushy tribute to everything you do.  Since the fifth time was a charm for us, we always ensure that the number 5 is included in our travel plans as often as possible (room/row/date of travel).   That's also why my lists will most often have five items, and why you'll always see clips of my five most recent posts on the home page.  And that's why my e-mail address begins with adorkable!

GEEK - this one refers more to the love of science fiction and technology (or more accurately, gadgets).  I'm definitely not as much of a geek in this respect as my husband is (or as most guys are), but probably more so than most nerd/bimbo/dork/cheerleader girls.  And this weekend, I have combined both the sci-fi and the tech-gadget  into one, and am in Geek Heaven.  I had to replace my cell phone (don't ask what happened to the last one - you don't want to know, and it's really not pleasant!), and wasn't sure what to get.  I've been due for an upgrade for a while, but hadn't found a phone that really jumped out at me.  I've had a Blackberry Storm for the past 2+ years, and knew that I still wanted a touch screen, but sometimes (when it's really cold out and I don't want to take my gloves off), it's nice to have a real keyboard.  I got excited when I saw that RIM came out with a touchscreen Blackberry with a slide-out keyboard, but it wasn't available from my carrier.   And then I found this.
OMG, this phone is so cool!!!!! (Though by definition, that kinda shows how completely uncool I really am.)  It not only looks like R2D2, but it's got all the sound effects, too!  There are a bunch of other fun Star Wars special features (wallpapers, videos, apps, docking station), and it's got all the speed and functionality of the Android operating system.  I just got it today, and I am loving it!

When I was a kid, I remember my sister and I had R2D2 painted on the wall in our bedroom. Actually, we had most of R2D2 painted on the wall.  My father had drawn it from a Star Wars trading card, but my parents split up and he moved out before he got a chance to finish it.  The card was taped up on the wall next to the unfinished painting, and it stayed that way for years.  I'm sure there's a lot more that could be said about that, and the emotional and psychological impact it may have had on me ... but no need to go there today: I now have my very own R2D2 Droid, and he his AWESOME!

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