Thursday, December 30, 2010

On this date in history ...

On this date in history ... SOMETHING happened.
What is it about a particular date that makes it hold so much meaning for us? Whether it's a birthday, a holiday or an anniversary, there's something about looking at the calendar and knowing that on this day in history, something happened.  Whatever it was - a joyous or solemn occasion - the date will never be the same again.  Year after year, we honor the day with the people, the plans, and the memories that mean so much to us.  Some days are universal; others are so personal that no one else will ever fully understand.  The day before doesn't matter; the day after is back to normal.  But the day is always special.

Normally, I've got quite a lot of those special days all packed into a relatively short time period.  The hits keep coming one after the other, making this a whirlwind of an end of the year.  But this year, most of those hits have been dampened due to ... outside (or inside) forces.  While the days still matter, the celebrations didn't quite hit the mark.
  • November 25th - Thanksgiving.  This used to be my favorite holiday, and though the old tradition slipped away when family moved years ago, we made new traditions that are, in many ways, even better.  Those didn't work out this year either, and we made smaller plans.  But hubby and I had been sick for a while (it was his fault), and had to cancel our plans.  And then the old habits started creeping up on me.
  • December 1st - Hanukkah - crazy scheduling and poor planning made us forgo our usual tradition of family dinner on the first night.  The benefit of an 8-night holiday meant we could do it on the weekend, but then I got hurt, and there went those plans, too.  Oh, and I couldn't find my menorah.
  • December 5th - My Father-in-Law's birthday (more solemn of a day since he passed away last year) - that was right after I hurt myself, so I couldn't go to the cemetery or anything.
  • December 22nd - My Birthday.  Also the day my husband asked me out for the very first time©.  Also the day he proposed©.  Lots of great memories that day, lots of things to celebrate.  But I had a really long day at work, and hubby was very sick, so we couldn't spend it together.  I started feeling sick on the train on my way home that night, too.
  • December 24th - Christmas Eve - We have a mushy & romantic tradition that we've followed for the past 14 years©.  But he was still sick, and I was a walking zombie (barely even walking, really), so  that didn't quite work out as well as I'd hoped.
  • December 25th - Christmas Day - zombie girl could barely move, and didn't want to infect anyone else.  So ... home alone sleeping through the day while hubby dropped the presents off and spent a little time with the kids (niece & nephews).
  • December 30th - Anniversary of my first date with hubby.  It's twenty years today, so I really wanted us to do something special: dinner, dancing, romance ... ©  But though I'm not quite a zombie anymore, I'm definitely still too sick to go out.
  • December 31st - New Year's Eve - we had been talking about where to go to send out the old & bring in the new; an awesome party with that all-important kiss that starts in one year and continues into the next©.  Again, too sick to go out... sigh.

Now, just reading through that list, it seems like I should be incredibly depressed at how pathetically this year is coming to a close.  While I admit that I am a bit bummed about some of what I've missed, I think it's still important to focus on the positives.  And believe it or not, there are always positives ... if you put them there!  So here's that list again:
  • November 25th - Thanksgiving.  Regardless of how things started or how we felt, hubby and I went to the store, bought a bunch of yummy food, and came home to make it.  We watched football all day (and the Jets won), and most importantly we were together©.
  • December 1st - Hanukkah. My mom came to my office, so she and I went out together after work.  We checked out the crafts at the Bryant Park fair, and had an awesome dinner.  Oh, and we discovered coffee flavored tequila.  Wow.
  • December 5th - My Father-in-Law's birthday.  You don't have to go anywhere special to remember the good times.  If someone's in your heart, he's there no matter where you are.
  • December 22nd - My Birthday.  Also the day my husband asked me out for the very first time.  Also the day he proposed.  Hubby and I went out the day before, since that's when we had more time.  We had dinner and went to an awesome show (Rock of Ages - HIGHLY recommend it!!).  
    We even met with Dee Snider after the show!  Rock On!
      And we were home in time for a midnight birthday kiss
      ©.  On the actual day, my mom brought me lunch and coffee, and later a few of us went out after work.  It was close, it was simple, but it was just what we needed - perfect!
    • December 24th - Christmas Eve.  Luckily, our tradition is a humble one.  We stay home - just the two of us.  We order in Japanese food, and watch It's A Wonderful Life (as a Jewish kid, I never saw it growing up; he made me watch it on our first Christmas Eve together, and a tradition was born).  And yes, we cry every time. Because it is.  At midnight, we open up whatever's in our stockings.  I had no appetite for solid food, but miso soup still counts!  I slept through most of the day, so I was able to stay up long enough to watch the movie in his arms©.  And though we couldn't stay up 'till midnight, we did exchange stockings ... and hugs!
    • December 25th - Christmas Day.  At least through the magic of facebook and Blackberry, I was able to see pictures of everyone (and the food).  The kids seemed to like their presents, and I got some more much needed rest.
    • December 30th - Anniversary of my first date with hubby.  While dressing up and going out can always make a night feel special, you don't really have to go out to embrace the feeling of the day.  There are two  moments from that night that I really want to relive: our first dance, and our first kiss.  We can do that in our living room©.
    • December 31st - New Year's Eve.  Again, we don't have to go out to celebrate.  All that matters is  that all-important kiss that starts in one year and continues into the next©.  And now we don't have to worry about the ride home afterwards.
    So ... though I'm naturally hoping for a healthier 2011, my main goal is to remain positive no matter what curveballs get thrown my way.  I've got an awesome husband, a great mom, a comfortable home in a beautiful neighborhood, a job where I get to help others, and now a blog where I get to ... um ... what do I actually do here?  I get to share my little piece of the world with you, and hope you'll join me in this truly wonderful life.

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    "What is it you want Mary, what do you want?  
    You ... you want the moon? 
    Just say the word, and I'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.  
    Hey, that's a pretty good idea. 
    I'll give you the moon, Mary."

    ~"I'll take it!"
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