Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fan or Foe?

I asked my husband what I should write about today.  Without a second thought, he said "write about the Jets."  He didn't think I'd take him seriously, but I was inspired.  If you're not a football fan, bear with me; I promise I have a good reason!

Most people give up on the Jets very easily.  To an extent, they have good reason; let's look at the history:  for starters, the Jets haven't won a Super Bowl since 1969.  Overall, they have had more losing seasons than winning ones.  Even I first became a Jets fan out of pity: there was just something really sad about a team called the New York Jets that plays in New Jersey at Giants Stadium.  The more I watched over the years, the more excitement and heartache I endured week after week, and the more I heard how bad they were - especially from "lifelong fans."

This season is no different.  Week after week, I see fans build themselves up to see their team destroy the competition, and by halftime they're yelling, cursing, and changing the channel away from the game.  Haven't they ever heard that famous Yogi-ism?  It ain't over 'till it's over.  The last few weeks should have taught them that, but even after two overtime victories in a row, people just assumed the Jets would lose today after the Texans scored.  

Luckily for us, the Jets didn't give up on themselves.  Down by 4 with only seconds left in the game, they gave it all they had.  A couple of great passes, a couple of great catches, and they did the unthinkable - they won the game!  Just like they did when everyone said it was over last week.  And the week before that.  Still, I'm sure next week people will expect the Jets to lose again as soon as there's an incomplete pass or a penalty flag.

The reason I bring this up is that all too often we are both the Jets and the fickle fans.  We struggle.  We try.  We fail (remember, that's destined to happen when we try).  We have a history of not achieving goals, and we are often reminded of that history from those around us (quite often, we hear it from those who should be our biggest fans).  The problem is that we then become our own worst fans.  We curse ourselves for not being perfect.  We tell everyone how awful we are.  Even if we start to do well, we just know it won't last: sooner or later, "the Jets will be the Jets" and we, as always, will ultimately fail.

For the past few weeks, I've told my fellow fans not to give up so easily.  Most laughed at me and dismissed the idea, until they saw that I was right (not that I knew the Jets would win, just that there was still hope).  When times get tough, we need to take on a lot of different roles: we need to be the Jets, and never stop fighting for what we want.  We need to be the coach, and make decisions about what to do every step of the way.  We need to be the cheerleaders, and celebrate every moment.  Most of all, we need to be the loyal fan, who never gives up, always has hope, and still loves the team even if it doesn't win that day.

The Jets didn't give up on themselves. Go Jets!

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  1. As you know...I'm not truly into sports, but I will promote my "husband's team" the make him happy. :) So I will take this from a different angle and say that I will apply this train of thought to myself! I have given up on myself way too many times...I've changed the channel on myself, berated myself, etc. No more of that crap! I AM my biggest fan and I always will be. Thank you, Kerry, for reminding me of that.

    Love you,

    Julie :)