Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Reason

I've always believed that things happen for a reason.  We don't always know what that reason is, and it may not present itself for quite some time.  Because of that, we have a tendency to focus on the crummy situation we're currently dealing with rather than the potentially great thing that could come out of it.  As I sit in pain feeling like the spaz that I often am, I was reminded of that potential silver lining ... actually, I was reminded by one of the great things that came out of an earlier excursion into the world of spazticity.

Let's start with the current situation.  I understand how peole get sports injuries, work injuries, or get hurt from trips, falls, or accidents.  Any physical activity, really, has the potential for physical injury.  I'm special, though: I get hurt doing absolutely nothing. 

This time around, I was sitting at the kitchen table working on a piece for my blog (no, I didn't finish that one ... yet).  I guess I was sitting at a funny angle, as I felt a cramp in my side.  The more I tried to shift & stretch it out, the worse it got, until I could barely move ... or breathe.  As it turns out, I twisted a rib out of place, which then affected a bunch of muscles and nerves ... oh yeah, and prevented my lung from fully expanding.  FUN.  Luckily, I've got the greatest chiropractor in the world, and he worked his magic on me.  I'm still in a lot of pain (it will take time for everything to heal), but at least I can breathe now.

The ridiculousness of the experience (I didn't know it was possible to get a blogging injury) made me think of my dumb luck and how spastic I can be.  Jumping out of a plane - no problem.  Little league as a child - no injury.  Years of kick-boxing, boot camp, and various other workouts, all ok.  Sitting at the computer - I dislocate a rib.  Only I could do something like that.  And this wasn't the first time. 

When I was 13 years old, I dislocated my kneecap.  Then, too, it wasn't in the process of running track, climbing stairs, or anything physical or dangerous.  I was home, sitting at my desk doing my homework.  I stood up; I fell down.  For absolutely no reason, my knee just gave out and would not support me standing up.  I had to wear a knee brace and use crutches for a while.  Ah, the dangers of doing homework!

Luckily, there was an elevator in my high school (maybe it wasn't luck - it could've been mandated by law).  There were a few kids in school who needed it for various reasons, and since I now had the need, I joined the elite Elevator Club.  We saw each other between periods every day, as we went from class to class.  One friend (we'll just call him W) even used to give me rides down the hallways in his wheelchair (he would push & ride from behind like a child riding a shopping cart).  After my knee healed and I was off the crutches, I didn't take the elevator anymore.  I still saw the Club members in the hallways, and remained friends with a few through graduation.

W and I became much more than just elevator buddies.  Over the years, he grew to be family.  He's my mom's unofficial adopted son, and his wife is like a sister to me.  Like true family, we may not always agree on everything, but we are always there for each other in times of need (and as often as possible in times of want).

When I posted something on facebook about what a spaz I was for getting hurt doing nothing, W was quick to respond.
     "If you didn't injure yourself needlessly," he said, "we'd never have met."

And there you have it. 

Everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes it takes getting through a bad relationship to recognize a good one.  Sometimes it takes getting kicked while you're down to make the necessary changes to improve your life.  Sometimes the last place you want to be turns out to be the right place at the right time.  And sometimes it takes getting hurt doing nothing to make the best friends family you'll ever have. 

I have no idea why I got hurt this time.  Maybe something great will happen in the next few days as a result of this.  Maybe I was spared from something awful by staying home this weekend.  Maybe it was just to take a moment and reflect back on what's important in life.  It could have been worse.  It will get better.  For now, I'll just keep focusing on the silver linings, rather than the clouds.

What's the best thing to come out of a bad situation you've had to endure?

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  1. If I hadn't "let myself go" and gotten fat...I wouldn't have went to WW's and I would have never met you!

    Love ya,

    Julie :)

  2. so I finally thought of something. I didn't finish my assistant program on time and I hated seeing all my friends go on to their internship sites while I was left behind. but if I had finished on time I wouldn't have had thee most awesome experience, wouldn't have met u or anyone at the office for that matter, and I also still would have a lack of direction as to what I want to do in life.