Thursday, April 28, 2011

One of Those Days

Clouds or Silver Lining?

Did you ever have one of those days?  You know the ones - when it feels like a month has gone by and it's only been an hour?  When you say "if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any"?  That's what today is for me.  There's a lot of other stuff making it feel like one of those weeks, one of those months, one of those years, but those are much bigger issues than I'm going to tackle here right now.  For today, it's just one of those days.

My day so far:
1. Shower this morning – ran out of the “good” shampoo/conditioner, had to use the back-up
2. No milk = no coffee
3. Heading out to work, saw that someone hit my car (mirror & a few other pieces on the ground)
4. Walked back home (of course today is when I’m parked farther away than usual), went upstairs to get keys for hubby’s car. Drove hubby’s car to my car to transfer boxes & bags of stuff from last night’s meeting
5. Stopped at the store to pick up something for work, decided while I was out I needed a chai latte even more than coffee
6. ALMOST at work, realized I’d transferred everything BUT my keys to the office & pass to the garage
7. On the way back home, realized that I’d never make it back to work in time for the 10:00 conference call
8. Realized I don’t know the main number to the office to let them know I’d be late. Tried to call a couple of people on the cell, but no one answered.
9. Took the first sip of my chai … but it wasn’t chai … don’t know what it was, but it was NOT GOOD.
10. Got home, txted a few people (couldn’t do that while driving) to let them know my situation.
11. Ran upstairs (ok, I took the elevator) to get to the conference call – couldn’t get into the online conference room from my home computer.
12. Called the number and got a recording: “all attendees will hear music until your host joins the call.”
13. After a few minutes, texted and emailed a few other people to find out if they were hearing music too. No one answered. Forty-five minutes later, still just music.

Getting ready to head back to work now … a little afraid to see where the rest of the day will lead … so let’s do that positive spin thing like I did over the holidays.

Here are the silver linings in all of that:

1. At least had back-up shampoo/conditioner in the house. I may not be crazy about this one, but it’s better than not having any!
2. Ok, there is no silver lining to no coffee… but I will get some on my way back into work!
3. Getting sideswiped could have been a lot worse. And had I been in the car when it happened, it could have been A LOT worse.
4. Luckily hubby was off today, so his car was available for me to use.
5. What I got at the store will come in handy this afternoon. At least one mission accomplished!
6. At least I realized it before getting to the garage and not being able to enter (or worse yet, getting stuck inside)!
7. At least I had the flexibility at the job to take the conference call from home (if it actually happened)
8. Again, flexibility + understanding at the job means I won’t get in trouble for this.
9. Ok, no silver lining to a bad drink … but learning experience: coffee always comes first!  (Really!  What was I thinking?)
10. When I finally got through to people, they sympathized & passed on the message to whoever else in the office would know.
11. Got online – though I couldn’t see the web conference, the powerpoint presentation was attached, so I could still see most of what they’d be talking about.
12. My immediate thought: “whew! At least I didn’t miss it!”
13. After waiting a few minutes, I left the phone (music) on speaker and started doing other things until the meeting started. I checked my work email, addressed a few concerns, and checked my fb messages. Best of all, it gave me the time to write this post!

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