Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Year, New List

Oops!  In my last post, I mentioned that this year has been off to a really rough start.  I wanted to vent, to scream, to complain ... but decided to take a healthier approach.  After taking a few deep breaths, I decided to delete the list of problems I'd typed up, deliberately choosing not to give those issues any more attention than they already demand.  I said that there were actually some high points in the past couple of weeks, too, and that I'd much rather focus on them.  And then I ended the post.

So what I realized is that while I did take a moment in my head to think about the good things, I didn't really take much time to focus on them.  I didn't even tell you what they were!  How can I expect that positive energy to circulate and grow if I don't actually take the time to recognize and appreciate the things that bring me joy?  It's nice to take a moment to smile quietly to yourself, but it's so much more meaningful - and rewarding - to actually put it out there.  Let the people who made you smile know it ... and it'll make them smile, too!

With that ... it's time for a new list of things that have made me happy since the start of the year.
  1. You like me ... you really like me!  Officially, more than 100 people "like" the facebook page for this site.  That's so cool!  Thank you!!!  (Now if you really want to make me smile, spread the word: share the page with your friends, and hopefully it'll make them smile, too!)
  2. Betty White's 90th birthday celebration on tv.  That woman is just a trip!  PLUS she really reminds me of Gram - both super sweet, adorable, kind-hearted old ladies who suddenly come out of nowhere with the most un-Grandma-like comments you'd ever imagine (you don't even want to know what Gram did with a breadstick when the family was talking about the Monica Lewinsky scandal years ago)! 
  3. When I started crying at the end of the show, hubby just knew why.  He came over, put his arm around me, and said "Gram had a great 90th birthday party, too."  I needed that. For a lot of reasons.  Thanks, hon.
  4. I got to see my baby sister while she was in town.  It wasn't nearly long enough, but it had been too long since I saw her last, so I was glad to get any time in with her at all.  We talked, we laughed, and of course ... we ate!
  5. I found out that a friend of mine is going to be "honored" in a very special way.  That's great news on its own, and I'm so happy for him ... but as a bonus, it's also turning into  a donation to a great cause!
  6. Relay season is in full swing!  Last year I wrote about the meaning behind this life-changing experience.  What started as a volunteer gig has turned into a career for me, but more than that, it's a way of life!  With Kick-Off parties the next 3 weeks and meetings already underway, I'm so excited to see - and help - these events grow.  When everything else can be up and down and stressful and exhausting, I truly thrive while making Relay plans.  Want to get involved?   Visit my personal Relay page or go to to find an event near you.
  7. Taco night!  It's fun, it's healthy (the way I do it, anyway), it's a whole project that we do together ... and it's yummy!  And then of course, there's the bonus: taco salad for lunch the next day!
  8. It hasn't happened yet, but I made plans to get together with a great friend who I haven't seen in way too long.  Now I've got something great to look forward to, and it's almost here!
  9. Got a text from a friend I hadn't seen in a while who need  a ride to work.  While I was happy to be able to help her out, it was 1,000 times better when it turned into a much needed morning chat over breakfast.  I've missed her!
  10. Flipping channels when I couldn't sleep one night, I saw that Heathers was on TV.  I used to love that movie (ok, I still do!), so I had to watch it (ok, I had to DVR it so I could watch again and again).  The funny thing, though, was that it was edited for television a long time ago, so a lot more was cut than needed to be for today's standards ... and it was such a horrible editing job that I had to laugh at that too - luckily, my memory was able to fill in all the missing lines!
    I really need to get this DVD!
  11. I got new boots!  They're super cute, super comfy, and super fake (faux) white mukluks ... so no animals were harmed for the sake of fashion!  Bonus: though hubby absolutely hates them (which I knew he would), I get compliments every time I wear them!
  12. Fleece lined leggings.  Seriously ... since I practically live in sweater dresses and boots for the winter, they're just so warm and comfy!
  13. I heard about 2 people with serious health concerns recently ... but what made me smile was that both are doing well ... YAY!
  14. I ordered a bunch of stuff online recently.  The anticipation of checking the mail every day was nothing compared to the excitement when each package arrived.  It's silly, since I ordered everything, knew what it was, and when it was coming, but still ... I felt like a kid at Christmas!
  15. 3-day weekend!  Now granted, I love my job (and technically, I had a meeting on Sunday and did some work from home too), but it was so great to not have to get up & go out on Monday!
  16. A friend hosted a comedy fundraiser last weekend, and there were just so many great things about that night: I got to see friends & family, help a good cause, have some laughs, ... and I even won a raffle prize!
  17. I've been using the buddha board that a friend gave me for my birthday.  It's basically a magic canvas that allows you to "paint" with water.  I use it to write things like "stress," "headache," or "negativity," and then watch as they just fade away.
  18. Writing this post.  Ok, maybe that's cheating, but it's true!  I (almost) always feel better after writing my thoughts, and if I can focus on the positives and share them with you, it's three times the reason to smile!
So ... what's been making you smile lately?  This doesn't have to be all about me ... I'd love to hear about your happiness!

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