Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Next Step

Ok, so as you can tell from a few of my recent posts, I've been dealing with a lot lately, both physically & mentally.  I'm doing the best I can to focus on the positive (notice I didn't say trying), and taking steps as needed so that I'm still the one in control of my life.  Today started a new step, and though I know it may be tough, I'm really excited about it.

Last week, I took a couple of hot yoga classes.  Though I wasn't able to do everything, it was more than I've done in a while, and I did even better at the second class.  It was tough, but it felt as though my problems were leaving me (if only momentarily) with each posture, each stretch, and each drop of sweat that poured from me.  When I toweled off after class, though my hair and clothes were literally drenched, I somehow felt cleaner.  My mind was fresh, my body was relaxed, and I had let go of so much of the frustration and stress I'd been holding on to.  It was amazing.  I only wish I had the time (and the money) to do it more often ...  especially since the stressors came out in full swing later that afternoon.

Today, I started a 10-day detoxification program.  I feel like this is really what I need to get both my mind and my body clean and refreshed, and to help me prepare for whatever path life has in store for me.  I originally thought about doing this a few months ago, but honestly I was a bit freaked out when I looked at the specifics of the plan: no bread, no cheese, no eggs, no soy ... and ... (yikes!!) no coffee!!  Though I knew it would be beneficial, I was more concerned about feeling deprived than I was about what it could do for me.  Perhaps that's because I was feeling pretty good at the time: I didn't feel the need to do what it took to feel better ... until I started feeling worse.

I've been thinking about this for a few weeks, and asked a few friends if they'd want to join me - strength in numbers, right?  I was pleasantly surprised when more people than I expected said they would do it.  So we made a plan, set a start date, and ... got delayed.  We picked a new date, and got delayed again.  The group still wants to do it, but it keeps getting pushed back.

So in the hope of taking control of my own health and my own life, I decided not to wait until it's convenient for everyone else.  I started my detox today, and will help my friends when they're ready and able to get it going.  I'll probably be even more helpful, since I will have this experience to speak from.  I'm really tired, but feeling good about what I'm doing and wanted to share that with you.  I'll keep you posted.  I know things are going to get better ... because I'm going to make them better!


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