Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Still Smiling

As soon as I posted my list of things that made me smile, I thought of something else ... and smiled again.  The next morning, something silly happened, and I thought "now that's something that could go on my list" ... and then something else made me smile yet again.  And again.  So without really trying, I just kept finding things to smile (or laugh) about.  So of course, that means I want to share with you.

Here's some of what made me smile since I wrote that list:
    Peace, Love, and ... hard cider
  1. I caught hubby dancing in the mirror while he was getting dressed.  Sooo cute!
  2. My "costume" for the 70s party I went to (mostly what I already own, with a few extra accessories) ... OMG, I cannot tell you how much I love the full-on hippie look ... it just seems to fit me so well!  I seriously wish I could do that every day.
  3. The most ridiculous lyrics I've ever heard (they're a bit vulgur, I apologize):
    "Sex with a mummy - put that p---y in a sarcophagus/Now she complains that I hurt her esophagus"
    I believe my exact reaction was "wait ... WHAT? Did he just say ... REALLY?  Wow ... really, just ... WOW."  I was speechless for a moment, but couldn't stop laughing for at least 10 minutes.
  4. Patron XO Cafe.  It's coffee.  It's tequila.  Need I say more?
  5. At the party - so many silly moments with some really fun new people ... and some awesome old ones (that's old as opposed to new, not as opposed to young LOL). 
  6. I was called The Epitome of Awesome (and subsequently told that my husband was therefore awesome by association).  So what if she was drunk when she said it ... I'm still keeping the title!
  7. Watching tv, saw a commercial featuring a friend of mine - how cool is that?
  8. The Jets won.  So what if it's only preseason ... they've gotta start somewhere!
  9. A quote I saw on Positively Positive: "Don't dwell on those who bring you down.  Cherish those who lift you up."  I actually smile quite often at the site's daily posts, but I couldn't make the whole list just those quotes.  Ok, I guess I could, but it's easier to just give you the link so you can see them for yourself.
  10. East Coast Earthquake.  It's not the fact that we had an earthquake that made me smile (honestly, I didn't even feel it) ... but the fact that something potentially devastating ... wasn't.  From all reports I saw, there were no casualties, no significant damage, etc.  Whew!
  11. I just discovered Red Mango.  It's like a healthy (all-natural) version of Cold Stone.  So awesome.  
  12. Another friend of mine (an independent music artist with an amazing voice) was featured in an article/photo shoot in Kenton Magazine.  Read the Q&A here, or check out her music at http://jennifervazquez.com/.
  13. I finally found a new chiropractor/wellness center... and so far (fingers crossed), so good.  The fact that his office is 10 minutes from my office and 7 minutes from my new favorite coffee house, sooo good!
  14. Damnyouautocorrect.com.  Warning: this is not a kid-friendly site, and this is probably not something you should "sneak" into at work.  You will laugh out loud, guaranteed.  Probably 'till it hurts.
  15. When I lost power during the big storm, so many people stepped up to offer me anything I needed: batteries, flashlights, candles, coffee, a place to take a hot shower, even a place to stay until the power came back on.  It's nice to know I'm surrounded by so many caring, giving people.
  16. It's even nicer to be able to say no thank you, 'cause though they originally said it would take up to 5 days for service to be restored, it actually came back after only a day and a half!
  17. On a whim, two friends and I decided to try a new place for lunch.  When we went in and looked around, we all thought we were going to be very disappointed.  Quite the contrary - it was excellent! Very friendly owner, complimentary (but delicious) appetizer platter, and yummy but filling salad.
  18. So many different kinds of yum!
  19. I recognized a "teaching moment" and actually went for it.  There will be a full post about this coming soon, but I was proud of myself for saying something that needed to be said.
So ... what's been making you smile lately?

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